Colombia Birding Tour

Why Birding in Colombia?

The great biodiversity, the large number of natural parks, the interesting mix of cultures and historic places to be visited are just some of the reasons a birding tour in Colombia is an excellent choice. 1. Colombia is the country with the highest number of bird species Colombia’s rich biodiversity is due to its unique…

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The Tropical Fruits of Colombia

A must-do on any trip to Colombia is a stroll around a local market to peruse the vast array of weird and wonderful locally grown fruits. Of course, there are the tropical bananas, pineapples, papayas and watermelons that we have become accustomed to at home but look a little closer and there are some very…

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Tayrona National Natural Park

Top 3 Colombian National Natural Parks to Visit in 2015

From the high altitude plains of the Andes, through lush tropical rainforests and down to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Colombia is naturally blessed with a wealth of habitats and unrivalled biodiversity. Over a tenth of Colombia’s territory is currently protected for its scenic landscape, diverse wildlife and cultural heritage under…

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Colombia Totumo Volcano

A Tour to El Totumo Mud Volcano near Cartagena

‘Bizarre’, ‘ludicrous’, ‘delightfully awkward’, ‘farcical’ and ‘ridiculous’ are just some of the words that have been used to describe the experience of visiting Colombia’s acclaimed El Totumo mud volcano on the Caribbean coast – and I couldn’t agree more! Located 32 miles (52km) northeast of Cartagena, the Volcán de Lodo El Totumo is a 15-metre…

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Colombian Amazon

Uncover Colombia: 5-minute Interview with a Traveller

Our roving correspondent Mark Boultwood met the intrepid Craig Zapatka on a boat trip down the Amazon River near the Colombian tri-border town of Leticia. UC: Craig, tell us a bit about yourself CZ: Well, I’m an American citizen but I was raised internationally so travel has always been a huge passion in my life.…

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Bogota’s Emerald Museum and the Green Gemstone in Colombia

A tour to Bogota’s emerald museum in the heart of downtown Bogota is an interesting way to familiarise yourself with the gemstone and learn a little about where the precious stones come from in Colombia. The departments in Colombia where most of the emerald mining takes place are in the regions of Boyacá and Cundinamarca,…

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Easter celebrations in Mompox

Easter Traditions: Semana Santa in Colombia

Cathedrals, churches and plazas will be crammed with congregations in Colombia for Holy Week, or ‘Semana Santa’ in Spanish; the most important religious festival of the year. Pilgrimages and processions are still an essential part of Holy Week in Colombia. Commercial exploits of the Catholic holiday have yet to manifest here – the Easter egg…

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