About us

Uncover Colombia was established in January 2012 by a group of Colombians with one object: to bring to the curious traveller the opportunity to discover Colombia’s celebratory lifestyle, incomparable natural history and rich cultural diversity.

Our team brings to Uncover Colombia a wide range of different experiences and backgrounds. But we all share a common passion: Our love for Colombia and our desire to show the world how amazing and diverse our country is. Having visited other remarkable places around the world, and lived in other countries, but with its intoxicating landscapes, and the exceptional kindness of its people, we are convinced that Colombia has many unique and new experiences to offer to travellers from all over the world.

Colombia has only relatively recently emerged from period of conflict and uncertainty. These difficulties now firmly behind it, the country has begun its own journey of transformation and progress. Areas which for decades have been inaccessible are opening up to visitors, and those willing to seek out our unchartered wonders, will be welcomed with open arms.

We have witnessed this transformation first-hand. Having found it impossible to sit on the side-lines while Colombia was changing before our very eyes, we had to be part of this exciting new era and share with you the New Colombia.

We hope you decide to Uncover Colombia with us. Welcome to our home!

If you want to know more about us and Colombia, please check our website: www.uncovercolombia.com



20 thoughts on “About us

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    • Hi earthdrifter, Thank you very much for the good wishes. You’re so right about the current trend in tourism to Colombia. We’re certain Colombia is full of potential and we feel we can play a role in helping people discover the country over the coming years. Watch this space!

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  5. Love the blog! We adored Colombia when we traveled there last year — would go back in a second. I didn’t find a post on the Flower Festival in Medellin — that’s definitely worth checking out!

    • Hi Daryl and Alana. Thanks for stopping by and glad you like our blog 🙂 . You are absolutely on the money regarding the flower festival in Medellin. It is our list of topics to cover in the blog (watch this space!). We’re just waiting to get a few nice photos to include in the blog article (hopefully this year). All the best in your travels and hopefully see you around next time you visit Colombia!

  6. Thank you for follow my blog. I think is great what you are doing with yours. That´s what we need, people that recognize all positive things that Colombia can offer to the world. Great job.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. We are really passionate about sharing the beauty of Colombia and the kindness of its people with the world. We hope people who take one of our tours leave with great memories of Colombia and a desire to return. Happy travels!

  7. I am so excited to see your blog. I have just arrived in Colombia and am travelling without a guidebook and just a few maps as I would prefer to be a bit more free, speak to people and write down their suggestions in my little black book. I am also keen to learn from a variety of sources on what to do in this very exciting country. I have found everyone I have met here to be so friendly and so very helpful too. I feel blessed to be here everyday. Keep up the amazing work, and I will definitely be turning to this blog for information. Many thanks.

    • Hi! thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy your time in Colombia and look forward to reading about your adventures. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions while in Colombia. Happy travels!

  8. Wonderful, thanks. Actually, I am going to be studying in Medellin for two weeks, and the school is organising volunteering opportunities for me. After Medellin, I will go to the the northern coast, where I would also like to find some kind of volunteering opportunity. Perhaps somewhere around Santa Marta. Can you suggest any websites, or contacts for me for volunteering? I am happy to do almost anything. I am interested in human rights and so called ‘development’ as these are my academic backgrounds. Thanks!

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