A suggested Tour in Bogota for 3 or 4 days

Three to four days in Bogota gives you just enough time to see the most emblematic and traditional sights of the city. Today, we’d like to tell you about our suggested tour itinerary for this amount of time.

Day 1:

On your first day tour in Bogota, you can visit the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) and the Museo de la Esmeralda (Emerald Museum). After admiring the incredible collection of Colombian gold pieces and the impressive representation of Colombian emeralds, walk down Carrera 8 to the Plaza de Bolivar, where you will find the Palace of Justice, the Mayor’s Office, the Congress Building, the Catedral Primada de Colombia (National Cathedral), and the Museo de la Independencia/Casa del Florero (Independence Musuem). After feeding the pigeons, taking in the historic buildings, and taking a walk through history, walk past the National Cathedral, down the Carrera 7 and across Calle 7 to take in the views of the Palacio de Nariño (the official office for the executive branch of the Colombian government). Once you’ve taken the typical picture with the guards at the entrance to the Palacio de Nariño, cross the street and check out the 17th century Iglesia de San Augustín (Temple of Saint Augustine).

St. Agustin church - Bogota, Colombia

St. Agustin church – Bogota, Colombia

Catedral Primada - Bogota, Colombia

Catedral Primada – Bogota, Colombia

You’ll probably be hungry and tired by now, so end your first day by finding a local restaurant where you can try a “tamal tolimense” with hot chocolate and cheese, one of the most traditional foods in Bogota.

Day 2:

Today, you can carry on exploring the historic neighbourhood, la Candelaria, where you will find several points of interest including: Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango (Luis Angel Arango Library), the Casa de la Moneda (Currency Museum), Museo Botero (Botero Museum), the Iglesia de la Candelaria (Church of the Candelaria), and the Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center). Once you have checked out as many of these places as you want, walk down Carrera 4, taking in the beauty of the Candelaria neighbourhood, until you reach the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de las Aguas. From here, walk to the base of the Cerro de Monserrate, and catch a cable car to the top of this symbolic mountain to catch some amazing views of the city.

The beautiful colonial house where the Museo Botero is held

The beautiful colonial house where the Museo Botero is held

Once you’re back down, head to the Museo Nacional (National Museum) and the Parque Nacional (National Park). After exploring these two sites, end your day by dining in the fashionable neighbourhood, la Macarena.

Day 3:

Start your morning by heading to the municipality of Usaquen. Check out the Iglesia Santa Bárbara (Santa Barbara Church), Parque Usaquen (Usaquen Park), the Usaquen Flea Market on Sundays, and the many unique shops scattered throughout the neighbourhood. Lunch in one of the many boutique restaurants in Usaquen, and then catch a taxi to Zona T—an area famous for its shopping experience, abundance of good food, and plethora of upscale pubs and bars, including the famous Bogotá Beer Company and Andrés DC. Spend the rest of your afternoon and evening here.

Day 4:

End your tour in Bogota by taking a day trip to visit some of the most popular places around the city, you could either visit the impressive Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira or the mystic Lake Guatavita. Both places are worth for a day trip from Bogota.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

If you also want to visit a coffee farm to learn about the coffee-making process but you don’t have time to travel to Colombia’s coffee region, you could visit a farm near Bogota, where you will have a similar experience as in the coffee region.

Learning about the coffee-making process at a coffee farm near Bogota

Learning about the coffee-making process at a coffee farm near Bogota

This is only a suggested itinerary, but we are sure it will take you to the best sights Bogota has to offer!

If you have any questions about other things to do in Bogota and tours you want to take just let us know.

Happy travels!

The Uncover Colombia Team


2 thoughts on “A suggested Tour in Bogota for 3 or 4 days

  1. I already visited Bogota a few years back and I quickly fell in love with the city. Some people say that Bogota is a dangerous place.. well, I can say that it’s perfectly safe. Many people there are very friendly.

    La Candelaria is my favorite. It’s very memorable for me because that’s the place where my husband proposed.:)

    I’m planning to visit Colombia again after two years. I’m also glad that this awesome place’s tourism is starting to boom. In fact, RawTravel will be featuring Bogota and other places in Colombia this week on TV. Excited. 🙂 Here’s a preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsEYEJnkbH0

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