Five Recommended Travel Destinations in Colombia for 2014

As we know that many of you have probably made travelling more one of your new year’s resolutions for 2014, we want to make your travel planning a little easier by telling you about five incredible destinations in Colombia that we feel are must-sees for 2014. Here goes!

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales is a magical destination in Colombia that, until recently, was considered to be in an area best avoided. However, in the past couple of years the area has become a hot spot for foreign and Colombian tourists alike. What is so special you might ask? Caño Cristales is a river that overflows with extraordinary life, color and vibrancy due to some unique algae that lives in it. It has been called “the river that ran away from paradise,” “the river of five colors,” and “the most beautiful river in the world”. Caño Cristales is located a short plane ride from Villavicencio in the department of Meta, and, it is most definitely at the top of our list of recommended places to visit in Colombia in 2014.

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales


Nuquí, like Caño Cristales, is a “new” and previously underappreciated travel destination that is becoming more and more popular. Nuquí is a municipality located on the Colombian Pacific Coast in the department of Chocó. To get here, you will need to take a plane straight in to Nuquí from another Colombian city such as Barranquilla, Medellín, Bogotá, etc… Once here, you will realize that the enchanting combination of emerald jungle and pristine, virgin-like beaches are well worth the journey. Because of its unique environment and growing reputation, Nuquí is on our list of must-visits in Colombia for 2014.

Nuqui in the Colombian Pacific Coast

Nuqui in the Colombian Pacific Coast


Barranquilla is home to the second largest Carnival celebration in the world, after Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and from 2013-2015 Barranquilla is celebrating 200 years of Carnival celebrations. During this time, there will be all sorts of special events throughout the city, and the party-like atmosphere, fusion of cultures, and folkloric expressions will be a sight you won’t want to miss. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Barranquilla and join the celebration of 200 years of Carnival history and celebrations!

Marimonda floats in Barranquilla’s Carnval

Marimonda floats in Barranquilla’s Carnival


While Bogotá is a Colombian city that many tourists visit every year, 2014 is a special year for Bogotá because it will be hosting the 14th Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro (Ibero-American Theatre Festival). The festival occurs every two years and brings an incredible amount of national and international theatrical talent to the city. During the festival, Bogotá is overcome with a contagious fever—a theatrical fever that you will most definitely want to catch!

Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogota

Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogota
Image provided by Colombia Travel

If you want to visit Bogota during the Festival and require some information, please let us know or check some of our tours during that time.

San Andrés and Providencia

Another Colombian destination you will want to include on your travel list for 2014 is the Caribbean islands of San Andrés and Providencia. These two islands lie about 700-800km off the coast of Colombia and are best reached via airplane. They are known for being surrounded by the “sea of seven colors” and are the perfect exotic beach getaway. While San Andrés is the more popular destination of the two, Providencia can give you a more secluded and private getaway experience with less interference from fellow tourists. Regardless, both of the islands will captivate you with their dreamlike beaches, tri-culture vibes, and Caribbean atmosphere.

San Andres, Colombia

San Andres, Colombia

Happy travels!

The Uncover Colombia Team.


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