Why I am making a Medellin Travel Series for TV

I arrived in Colombia about five months ago and fell completely in love with the country. I know: cliché! But allow me to explain why it is so great.

Because, for me, it has nothing to do with the most commonly stated reasons. Which are, according to tourists and Colombian locals: the girls, the climate and the food. The food is OK – a lot of sugar and grease! The climate can be great, although people ignore the fact Colombia has the most rain in the world (still beats winter in London). As for the girls, that’s down to opinion, but I’m yet to find any country without beautiful girls!

For me, the best thing about Colombia is its variety and diversity. Both in terms of geography and culture.  For example, I now reside in Medellin – but to judge the rest of the country based on anything at all in this city would be quite absurd.

For example, Medellin could not be more different from Bogota. The capital city is colder, harsher – though perhaps more cultured and international. Medellin is warm, friendly and more Latino – but not as much as salsa-crazy Cali. And then there are the small pueblitos in the coffee region with endless rolling green hills, the friendliest communities on the planet and, of course, mountains full of coffee. But these towns and cities, despite their colossal differences, all seem relatively similar when compared to the coastal and Amazonian regions. The Caribbean coast is full of Vallenato music, vivacious life and activity. The Pacific coast has its own flavour, with fewer tourists. And as for the Amazon – who knows, it’s a jungle out there!

I digress! After some time travelling around this amazing country, before settling in Medellin, I decided these cities must be documented. People back home in Europe and the US have no idea about Colombia. I think the image is one of chaotic traffic, poverty and crime. Some of those things are prevalent here, as in many countries throughout the world. But I wanted to show MY Colombia; my experience of this wonderfully diverse part of the world, which is also the most biodiverse country for its size in the world, edging out Brazil.

I met up with a Colombian friend who is a wiz with videos. We came up with the idea of making a series for each different part of Colombia, starting with Medellin. The city was recently recognised as the Most Innovative City 2013, so there is certainly a lot of content. Each episode would cover a different theme, the pilot being about Food.

We made a rough draft of the episode, which is now online. Upon uploading, the sound quality took a hit – so I wrote subtitles in English and Spanish, so please use them. It is not the finished product, but we would love the chance to do a really good job of the series for a TV channel out here. We decided that, after 2,000 or so views, we could begin talks with telly execs and show them we already have an audience.

So please watch the video, share, comment and like (or feel free to dislike!).


Andrew Gold

About the author:

Andrew is a freelance journalist who lives in Medellin. He holds an NCTJ qualification and worked as an online reporter for The Sun and several other publications before moving abroad. His passions are travel, football and languages – he speaks French and Spanish. He is constantly astounded at how much Colombia – and Medellin in particular – have to offer.


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