Guest Post: Friendly Overseas Travel Tips

We would like to thank KC Owens for writing this article and sharing with us and our readers some of his safety tips and advice when travelling abroad. KC has travelled across various countries and these tips are based on his own experience. If you want to read more about KC travelling adventure please check his blog:

Happy travels!

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Traveling can be a thrilling experience that can last a lifetime as an individual visits places around the world. I have traveled to a lot of countries throughout North America and Europe and there is no greater experience than sharing stories and cultures with someone else. However, despite all the excitement a trek across the globe can bring, a trip can go awry quite unexpectedly at times. Here are some friendly tips to be aware of when traveling overseas.

 Man playing bagpipes in Edinburgh, Scotland

Man playing bagpipes in Edinburgh, Scotland

When traveling abroad, there is a possibility that your wallet can be stolen or lost. An excellent way to combat this is to have your valuables locked away in a traveler’s money belt. On top of that, I always travel with a prepaid credit card to ensure my moneys safety. There are a number of benefits in having this wonderful tool in which to make payments on purchases. To begin, many of these cards do not have names written on them, which is great because then other people do not have your personal information if they get a hold of your card. Also, you can only put small amounts of money onto the card at a time so if your card is stolen and you cannot cancel it in time, the thief does not have access to your entire bank account. Finally, you can transfer money from a bank account to a card easily and quickly. Keep in mind that the connection to the Internet needs to be safe and secure as you are moving money; so be careful where you are surfing the web because people can hack into your accounts!

No one likes to get sick. This is especially true when on vacation. If you do happen to become ill, find the nearest pharmacy and get some medicine into your system so you can get back out there and enjoy yourself once again. To take precaution, I always try to eat healthy to ensure that my body is in peak condition. Yes, it can get expensive to purchase the right food, but it is worth it in the end, right? I was once sick in bed for two days while in Paris; it was the worst two days ever because my friends were out enjoying themselves, sightseeing and drinking fine wines and I was in bed.

Guinness Brewery in Dublin

Guinness Brewery in Dublin

Before visiting a new country, it is always important to research the local laws and social norms. You should also be considerate of the local people. I have been to many places where other people are mistreated and asked to leave because they do not follow (or respect) local traditions. Depending on where you go, your normal activities might seem very strange to some people so be aware of that.

KC Owens.

About the author:

KC Owens. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.


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