A Day in Coffee Paradise

A big thank you to Jessica Boyd for writing this excellent blog post about her experience taking one of our tours. The photos are great too.

Thanks a lot Jessica!
The Uncover Colombia team

Serve with Love


On Saturday, I visited a town 2 hours outside of Bogotá called Fusagasuga with a wonderful tour company, Uncover Colombia. We traveled to a coffee plantation called Hacienda Coloma, where I learned all about the coffee production process. It was such a wonderful day.

First, I learned which coffee cherries to pick to make the highest quality coffee. The green cherries aren’t quite ready, the pinkish cherries make good coffee, and the red cherries make the best coffee. I then learned about the old process for producing coffee. They hand picked the cherries, tore off the skins with a rock or with a hand-crank, and dried the beans in the sun. A meticulous and time-consuming process. Then I saw how they currently produce their coffee (much faster and more efficient). The machines are huge and it was really cool to see how they operate. And finally, the best…

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