Colombia Guest Post – Part Two…

This is a fantastic account of a trip to the north of Colombia. Amazing photos too! Wish you were there? 🙂

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

Hello again to everyone. As promised, here’s our little Part 2 on our Colombian escapade. Central to many people’s holiday/life is food but there probably aren’t too many people for whom it’s more true than Brando and I.

Ever partial to a tasty treat we were both really excited to explore the culinary scene of Colombia. To be fair, our expectations weren’t super high. I don’t think Colombia has one Michellin star between all it’s restaurants nor does it typically spring to mind when you think of the world’s favoured food haunts. BUT without too much super sleuthing, we found plenty of deliciousness.


Two things are distinct hallmarks of Colombian cuisine… an abundance of delicious tropical fruits, many of which are native to Colombia and a penchant for food on wheels! Every second corner sees someone peddling something, from mangoes, to coffee, coconuts, grilled meats, empanadas, fresh ceviche of scallops…

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