Travelling with Uncover Colombia is now ATOL protected

We have some really exciting news to share with all our readers: Uncover Colombia has just completed the necessary requirements and has been granted the ATOL certification by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Check our new ‘ATOL Protected’ logo below:

Uncover Colombia - ATOL protected logo

Our new ATOL logo

This means that when you buy one of our covered tours that include international or domestic flights, we will issue an ATOL certificate covering your trip and you will have the peace of mind associated with the most recognised UK tour operators when booking you holidays with Uncover Colombia.

For more information about the advantages and benefit for consumers who buy holiday tours protected by ATOL, you can visit the CAA website or check their latest institutional video below:

We will display our ATOL logo in our website and with all the protected tours that we will be launching very soon. And, on that topic, keep an eye on our website, blog and Facebook page for the upcoming launch of our first long haul tours. The date of the launch will be 27th of May. There will be discounts and surprises for the first people who book any of the new tours in our website.

Finally, we are also really pleased to tell you that Uncover Colombia has been listed by TripAdvisor under ‘Activities and Things to Do’ in Bogota. Furthermore, we have received five great reviews from our customers and we’re at the 11th place out of 32 in the list already.  Click here to check our review in TripAdvisor:

These are very exciting times for us, our team continues to work at the top of our motivation with a very clear goal in mind: to share with the world the amazing wonders that can be discovered and enjoyed by those who decide to Uncover Colombia with us. This is the same goal we set out to do when we started this blog and this company just over a year ago.

We have come a long way in the path we set out to walk. But there is much road ahead, and we’re more eager than ever to walk it with all of you.

Happy travels!

The Uncover Colombia team.


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