Guatavita and Sesquile: Our new day tour to the spiritual home of the Muiscas

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new tour to Guatavita and Sesquile. With this tour we want not only to offer travellers the option to learn about the famous legend of El Dorado but  also to enjoy an enriching day trip to the spiritual home of the Muiscas, the people who inhabited the Colombian Andes during pre-Columbian times. This day trip from Bogota is a true mix of Colombian legend, history and traditions old and new.

One of the most popular day trips for both travellers and locals in Bogota is the excursion to Guatavita. Visitors are attracted by the legend of El Dorado, originated in Lake Guatavita and the picturesque village of “New Guatavita”.

However, our philosophy is to always go a bit further and visit not only the popular tourist landmarks but also other, perhaps less well-known places where visitors can experience the culture and history of the country. And so, we decided to include Sesquile in this new tour. Inexplicably, and despite being a charming and authentic little village, Sesquile is less popular among tourists than Guatavita (the term ‘hidden gem’ comes to mind).

In pre-Columbian times, Sesquile was an important commercial point for the Muiscas and today it still is for their descendants who in recent years have reconstructed their Muisca councils in the town to maintain their traditions alive amid modern life. Our new tour combines Sesquile and Guatavita, as well as a guided tour of Lake Guatavita providing more sophisticated travellers with a more complete picture of the traditions and structure of the Muisca culture.

But there is more to this new tour than learning about one of the most advanced and richest pre-Columbian cultures in America. The trip offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the splendid landscapes of the Bogota savannah, wander around the beautiful “New Guatavita”, check the handicrafts shops and enjoy some typical and delicious Colombian food, all included in the cost of the tour.

As images say more than words these are the photos of the places we will visit. Alternatively, you can check our website for more details on the tour itinerary.

In Guatavita:

The first stop will be the town of Guatativa, known as “New Guatavita”:

Guatavita - Main Pedestrian Street

Guatavita – Main Pedestrian Street

Guatavita - Handicrafts shops

Guatavita – Handicrafts shops

The second stop will be Lake Guatavita:

Lake Guatavita

Lake Guatavita

Way up to the top of lake Guatavita

Way up to the top of lake Guatavita

View from the top of Lake Guatavita

View from the top of Lake Guatavita

In Sesquile:

The stops here are the town of Sesquile and then the Muisca Community.

Sesquile town church

Sesquile town church

Sesquile Muisca Settlement Map

Sesquile Muisca Settlement Map

After Sesquile we will begin our return to Bogota, with a last stop in La Calera to have some delicious arepas. It is a tradition!

If you are in Bogota or you are planning to be there, this trip may be a good option for a day out with brilliant landscapes and a chance to learn a bit about the ancient inhabitants of what today is Colombia.

We look forward to take you in this exciting journey.

The Uncover Colombia Team

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