Why Colombia?

It is that time of the year again. Perhaps, you have started to plan your end-of-year break and, as usual, the options are many, attractive and diverse. It is decision time and you are presented with the usual choices: beach, mountains, city breaks, exploring a different culture or perhaps a bit of eco-tourism or extreme sports for the holidays.

But, why compromise?

Why not having it all?

Salento, Colombia

Salento, Colombia

Maybe you have heard one or two things about Colombia (admittedly not all of them very nice) but not enough to place this country at the top of your wish list. Let’s be honest: Colombia is not the most obvious holiday destination (not yet at least).

Granted, Colombia is still on the road to recovery and there are still many challenges that need to be resolved. But this is also the reason why more and more people visit Colombia every year and leave wanting to return. These people understand the incredible feeling of discovering a great place before anyone else, at a time when it is still an exotic destination that has not become a sterilised mainstream touristic cliché.

Do you know someone who has visited Colombia recently?

Or, perhaps you have a Colombian friend or acquaintance?

We invite you to bring the subject with them when it comes to decide about your next holiday destination. Let the people who have actually been there recently tell you about their experience in Colombia before you make your mind. If you don’t have anyone at hand to ask, maybe the travellers’ testimonials that we have published in this blog could be a good starting point (see links at the end of this article).

In this post, we aim at giving you a few reasons to consider Colombia as your next destination. In summary, we are convinced that if you chose Colombia, you can really have it all, and you will become the next advocate, you will be the one who will say in a few years’ time: “ I was there first”.

So, why Colombia?

  • A country with a variety of weathers:

As a country located on the Equator, Colombia’s weather is mostly influenced by the altitude and there are no strongly defined seasons. This means that pretty much any time of the year is good to travel there.

Valle de Cocora - Colombia

Valle de Cocora – Colombia

The presence of mountains, plains, jungles and beaches in Colombia means that you can enjoy different weathers depending on where you go in the country, for instance: “Autumn” in Bogota, at 2600m over sea level, with an average temperature of 14oC , an eternal “spring” in Medellin, at 1494m, with a temperature of 22oC, “summer” at the sunny beaches in the Caribbean and Pacific or our own version of “winter” in the cold snow of the highest peaks“El Nevado del Ruiz” or “La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”.

  • An incredible diversity of landscapes, fauna and flora:

Colombia is divided by three branches of The Andes and has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This combination provides a particularly colourful mix of scenery.

San Agustin, Estrecho del Magdalena - Colombia

San Agustin, Estrecho del Magdalena – Colombia

On the north by the Caribbean Sea, the landscape varies from sandy beaches along the coast to the rainforest of the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” and to the immaculate collision of desert and sea in La Guajira, Colombia’s northernmost point.

Central Colombia’s landscape is dominated by its cool Mountains, green valleys and active volcanoes; plains and deserts can be found towards the East of the country; and the rainforest in the south. This singular combination of landscapes and weathers makes Colombia the country with the highest biodiversity of fauna and flora per square kilometre in the planet.

Botanic Garden Jose Celestino Mutis - Bogota, Colombia

Botanic Garden Jose Celestino Mutis – Bogota, Colombia

And to make matters better, most of these beautiful locations remain largely unspoiled.

  • A variety of traditions and Culture:

In Colombia there are as many fairs as days in the calendar. As a traditionally catholic country, each town has its own patron saint celebration in which certain days are consecrated to the Virgin or devoted saint. But not every celebration is for religion reasons; it could be also in honour of downpours, local produce (i.e. potatos, onions, etc) or animals like donkeys or alligators. Truth is, it does not matter what the reason is, as long as we can get together to celebrate and have an opportunity to share and enjoy the best of the traditions, music and gastronomy of each village, town or city.

Local fair - Bojaca, Colombia

Local fair – Bojaca, Colombia

Check our previous post about this subject if you wish to find out more.

  • A place to dance:

As diverse as its different sub-cultures, Colombia holds a great variety of traditional and modern music ready to be enjoyed.

When you think about music and dancing in Colombia, probably the first word that comes to your mind is Salsa, and you would be right; in Colombia most people dance salsa amongst other modern rhythms like Merengue, Hip hop, Rock and Reggaeton.

However, there are many other traditional rhythms in Colombia that make part of our culture, such as: Cumbia, Vallenato, Joropo, Calypso and Currulao. You will definitely enjoy watching, learning and practicing some of these rhythms.

We also wrote about this already. Click here for more.

  • Nice coffee everywhere:

Colombian coffee is famous worldwide for its reach aroma and soft flavour. While visiting the country you can actually visit and even stay at a real working coffee farm, enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape and learn how the coffee is grown and processed.

The Coffee triangle, Colombia

The Coffee triangle, Colombia

You are obviously also allowed to drink as much of the stuff as your body can take 🙂

  • Wayuu Lady - Cabo de la Vela, Colombia

    Wayuu Lady – Cabo de la Vela, Colombia

    Friendly people

We invite you to speak with people that have visited Colombia. You will find that the most recurring piece of feedback most previous visitors agree on is how genuinely kind and friendly the Colombians are.

Well, (ehem!) since it is bad to gloat and modesty is a virtue, this is something you will need to discover by yourself when visiting Colombia and let us know if you agree!

  • A new destination ready to be explored

After many years of crime and violence, the majority of destinations in Colombia are now safe to travel. Colombia has finally started a transformation to become a new land full of hope and it is now ready to be explored.

Tayrona Natural National Park, Colombia

Tayrona Natural National Park, Colombia

The question now is: Would you like to be among the first to Uncover Colombia?

If so, get in touch!

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