Capture the Colour

Unexpected colours in remote landscapes of Colombia

When travelling around Colombia discovering new destinations to include in our tours, we have seen amazing places where you can immerse completely and forget about everything else. Places adorned with a variety of colours resulting from the striking confluence of mountains, rivers, flora, animals and even the local architecture that make you feel somehow calm, happy, excited or full of energy, and sometimes all of these feelings at the same time. Sometimes, if you are extremely lucky, you manage to capture all of these feelings in one image.

When checking the photos taken during our trips around Colombia for the “Capture the Colour” competition organised by, we tried to flash back and remember what was happening on each place, what sort of emotions were in the air and why we decided to take that photo in the first place.

It was not an easy job to select the best picture. So we decided to stop and think first about the places visited, associate them with a particular colour and then review the photos again looking for an ‘unexpected’ colour in the image that we probably did not expect to see in that particular place. We wanted to show how this unexpected colour can change the scenery and made you evoke a different emotion when looking at the photo.

The rules of the game are to pick five photos that, in our eyes, best showcase the colours yellow, green, blue, white and red. After much deliberation among the team, these are our top picks for each colour:


Yellow tree on the side of road. La Guajira, Colombia

Yellow tree on the side of road. La Guajira, Colombia

When driving to Cabo de la Vela during our trip to La Guajira, we found this spectacular yellow tree in the middle of the desert. We were a bit tired and sleepy; the sight of this beautiful tree immediately turned our brown and dusty scenery into a golden and pleasant spot to relax and recharge batteries before continuing with our journey.

Green algae on the rocks at Cabo de la Vela. Guajira, Colombia

Green algae on the rocks at Cabo de la Vela. Guajira, Colombia

During our second day in Cabo de la Vela, we woke up early in the morning to go for a walk by the beach and breathe the fresh air coming from the sea. After walking for half an hour we found a beautiful beach spot where the rocks were covered by light green algae creating a spectacular and peaceful view that made us just find a place to sit and admire the striking contrast between this green sprout of life and the deserting landscape and the sea. We felt so calm and grateful to be there.


Blue watering hole "God's blessing" in la Guajira, Colombia

Blue watering hole “God’s blessing” in la Guajira, Colombia

During our trip around the desert region of Guajira we also found the blue colour, but not in the sea. It was the blue painted front wall of this local cafe named “La Bendicion de Dios” (God’s blessing). This ‘tienda’ located in the middle of nowhere provided us with cold drinks and really made us feel that this cafe was definitely one of God’s blessings. We think the owner of this place chose the right colour for his establishment.


White baby goat at the Tatacoa desert. Huila, Colombia

White baby goat at the Tatacoa desert. Huila, Colombia

We found the pure white colour on this new-born goat at the desert of Tatacoa in the region of Huila. This little fellow was just relaxing after having a milky lunch from mummy. It is very difficult to explain how we felt in that moment, probably because this little goat was the simple expression of the purity, cleanliness and perfection that the colour white projects.


Red flora specimen from the Sibundoy valley. Putumayo, Colombia

Red flora specimen from the Sibundoy valley. Putumayo, Colombia

By now you can be forgiven for thinking that Colombia is just deserts but nothing can be further from the truth. For our last image, the colour red, we selected this beautiful flower from Sibundoy in the region of Putumayo (south of Colombia). The valley of Sibundoy is a stunning green landscape where three rivers meet. It offers an almost endless variety of flora and fauna and has been inhabited by indigenous communities from times immemorial. In the middle of this sea of green, this red flower was a beacon of beauty.

So, this is it!

We hope we like our candidates for the competition. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

The only thing remaining for us is to invite other bloggers to go back to their image files and choose what they think are their best 5 images. We think the counterfeit quarter life crisis, Doctor Bloggins, Riseandroam, Koksiska, and Lindsay Leaps could do an excellent job.

Until next time,

The Uncover Colombia Team


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