Bogota: quick guide to eat, drink and party (I)

Where to go in Bogota for some rumba? Copyright Uncover Colombia

Where to go in Bogota for some rumba? Copyright Uncover Colombia

This post was originally supposed to be a quick and easy guide for travellers who want quick tips of where to go and what to do in Bogota at night.

We gathered our best experience and tips from within the team. Some of us are based in Bogota or were born and raised in the capital city so there were quite a few leads to follow.

However, before we could say “una cerveza por favor!” we found that what was supposed to be a short article was growing almost out of control. So, the blog editor had to make two swift decisions:

  1. to limit the number of tips and what we say about each place mentioned, replacing it with links that will hopefully serve the reader in his/her quest to decide where to go and what to do, and
  2. to split the original article into two in the interest of not overextending ourselves and bore you to death.
So, here it is. The list below is not by any means comprehensive and we don’t claim to be an authority in restaurant reviewing, nor we have any affiliation with the places featured. We do, however, like to go out from time to time in Bogota and these are the places we like to visit, organised by zones within the city.

Zona G: For ‘Gourmet’ restaurants

Location: between calle 68 and calle 74 and between carrera 5 and carrera 7.

Located in the prestigious neighbourhood of ‘Rosales’, a very exclusive area of the city close to the financial sector, Zona G (G zone) probably took its name from the word ‘gourmet’ in relation to the many high-end restaurants that started to congregate in the area some 10 to 15 years ago. Nowadays, there is a great deal of choice in Zona G if you are looking for a fancy meal and are prepared to splash out a little (or a lot!). Some of the most popular restaurants in Zona G are:

  • Rafael: International cuisine with a good sea food selection and clear Peruvian influence,
  • Nazca:  Traditional Peruvian cuisine,
  • Astrid and Gaston: Traditional Peruvian cuisine,
  • Criterion: International cuisine, and
  • Kong: Chinese restaurant.

Zone M: Thematic restaurants and a good range of nightclubs

Location: between calle 27 and calle 32 and between carrera 2 and carrera 5. 

This area received its name from ‘La Macarena’, the neighborhood where it is located. La Macarena is a traditional neighborhood of Bogotá located very close to the city centre. The ‘plaza de toros’ (bull fighting ring), the planetarium and Monserrate are located nearby. The area is just a few minutes walk to La Candelaria district (traditional for its colonial architecture) and the ‘Plaza de Bolivar‘ where the city hall, the congress building, the supreme court and the cathedral are located.

These are some of the restaurants in ‘Zona M’:

La Macarena is also a good place to go clubbing or enjoy a drink or two. Some of the options in this front include:

  • El Bembe: Salsa bar and restaurant (Calle 27b # 6 – 73);
  • Piso 30: Electronic music at the top floor in Residencias Tequendama offering a nice view of the city at night. (Cr 10 # 27_51, piso 30),
  • Radio Berlin: Two main areas: pop/rock and electronic music (Cra 6 # 26-57)

Zona Rosa: still the reference point for night life in Bogota

Location: between calle 79 and calle 85 and between carrera 11 and carrera 15.

Bogota, Zona Rosa at night

Bogota, Zona Rosa at night

This area was originally full of small bars which, over time were consolidated into larger discos and restaurants. Three major and very exclusive shopping centres were subsequently built in this district: Centro Andino, El Retiro and Atlantis Plaza offering the latest and greatest in Colombian and international fashion, jewellery and high-end souvenirs.

This high level of commercial activity has transformed ‘Zona Rosa‘ in a point of reference for the nightlife in the capital with a huge selection of places catering for almost any taste and preference. The following is our selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs:




  • Hotel V: live music, art and great fusion of rhythms (Calle 84 # 13 – 17)
  • Cachao: Caribean-themed club with decoration evocative of La Havana (Carrera 13 # 82-52)
  • El Techo: (Cll. 82 # 11- 29 piso 5 El Retiro)
  • Matilde Lina: For a lively ‘parranda vallenata‘ , and
  • Andres D.C.: We will cover ‘Andres carne de res’ in the second post of this topic but this is the in-town version of this famous venue (Calle 82 # 12-21)
El Techo - Zona Rosa Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

El Techo – Zona Rosa Bogota – Copyright Uncover Colombia

That is all for now. In the second part we will cover other areas in Bogota including ‘Parque 93’, Usaquen and Cota. In the mean time we would love to read your comments.

– Have you been to any of the places featured in this post? tell us about your experience.

– Do you know any other restaurants, bars or nightclubs in the areas featured above that you want to recommend?

Feel free to write below.

Until next time,

The Uncover Colombia team.


5 thoughts on “Bogota: quick guide to eat, drink and party (I)

  1. Mini mal is awesome! There’s not many places you can combine a great meal with buying a designer light fitting.

    It’s not exactly in one of the areas mentioned above – but it’s a bit south of Zona G in Chapinero Alto.

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