Our first advertising campaign (II)

Good news dear reader!

Yesterday, our Facebook page surpassed the 200 ‘likes’ mark (current figure is 202). Our humble Twitter account (@uncovercolombia) has been growing steadily and it currently shows 50 discerning followers.

We have set ourselves the goal to attract 700 fans / followers by the end of August, just in time for the planned launch of our first tour offerings. The goal does sound ambitious but we remain positive (like most entrepreneurs, we plough through and hope for the best!).

Our first advertising campaign has a simple objective: Let people know about our existence, get people excited about visiting Colombia (hopefully with us) and convince them to interact with us through any of the social media tools available.

This is our second poster:

- Second poster. Raise your thumb if you "Like" us

– Second poster. Raise your thumb if you “Like” us

If you wish to see our previously published poster you can find it here.

Our marketing strategy is mainly based on word-of-mouth and on constantly listening to people’s feedback about everything we do. We have chosen our communication tools carefully favouring the channels that allow interaction and the opportunity to really connect with people. We believe this principle should be at the heart of a travel agency that really cares about its customers and wants to offer them a truly memorable experience. We have made this one of our values.

Consequently, we would love to read your comments about this campaign and about the content published in this blog so far.

Do you find it interesting or boring?

Has it made you consider Colombia as a possible destination?

Have you learn anything new about Colombia after reading our blog?

Feel free to write below.

Until the next post!

The Uncover Colombia team

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