Have you been to Colombia? We would like to read about your experience

At Uncover Colombia, we believe that you should take the chance to see Colombia by yourself and form your own opinion. This is the main reason why we are passionately working to bring you the opportunity to experience Colombia in an authentic but hassle-free way with our tours.

As people who have travelled up and down Colombia, we are confident that if you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed.

This time we found this nice post from a fellow blogger and thought it would be nice to share it with you here.

Thank you very much to the Author behind “The Counterfeit Quarter-life Crisis” blog for a very nice post.

The Counterfeit Quarter-life Crisis

Howdy from the good ol’ US of A!

I write this, friends, from the cushy lodgings of my parents’ home in Connecticut. There is a swimming pool sparkling in the sunlight outside my window, a beat-up Dodge waiting in the driveway to whisk me away on a whim, and a mechanical washer & dryer churning away at my mildewy Colombian wardrobe.

Even better, I’m chowing down on this fabulous confection:

Oh, my delicious American dairy delight… how I’ve missed you.

A detox week with the ‘rents was just the ticket to get me back in the swing of things. I admit that my first 12 hours in the US were an adjustment.

Upon stepping of the plane, my first thought was that everybody looks really pale and really wealthy.

Snap judgment. But that doesn’t mean its not accurate.

After a few days nestled into New England, I’m ready to…

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